There is no denying the symbiotic relationship between superyachts and art. Yachts themselves can be the work of artists. 

Artwork Pictured by Jennifer Newman - Images courtesy of Georgina Cox Design

Lighting is all-important, both directional and ambient. As on land, photography, watercolours and drawings need to be protected from natural light, so frame them using a highly protective anti-glare, anti-reflective glass and hang works away from direct light source, carefully deployed lighting aboard a yacht can ensure maximum impact with minimum damage.

However, aside from avoiding harmful UV rays, light can also play a key role in the way your art is displayed and viewed. To create perfect illumination of the colours in the artwork a specific LED light system in the appropriate range of colours is advisable. Due to the limited ceiling height in a yacht we highly recommend working with an interior designer early on in the process.

You cannot simply hang a painting on board; it needs to be screwed to the wall. The same goes for fixing small sculptures and objects, which is where “museum glue” (also called gel, wax or putty) comes in: a clear product that fixes objects to surfaces (though not irrevocably) to stop them shifting in a swell.

The air quality and temperature within each room is important: humidity is bad for art, as is salt air and direct sunlight. You need to be aware of humidity and heat on board insurance requirements mean even museums have to fulfil high standards before important pieces are allowed to be shown and your yacht is no different. Alarm systems can be installed which will alert you to atmospheric changes."

Display works only where the climate can be effectively controlled and the elements shut out and avoid placing anything of value near a vent, heat or cooling source.

Beumée Contemporary Fine Art is able to suggest artists that complement each other to ensure that you create the perfect display of artwork in your surroundings. We also offer guidance when selecting further pieces that you wish to be added to existing artwork so as to create a setting that will inspire.