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Susan Fynes

Born in South Yorkshire Susan Fynes M.A is an award winning artist that completed her Masters Fine Art course at the University of Brighton and whilst there was selected to show work within its Scientific and Medical departments. Her work highly regarded, even then, was sought by private and public collectors. The principle lecturer and programme leader of Fine Art University Brighton, Duncan Bullen, also wrote an academic paper largely based on Susan’s systems based work and presented it to the School of Architecture.

A prolific artist Susan makes work in a wide range of media – mainly drawings, prints and paintings – all meticulously executed to produce intricate combinations of structured and intuitive graph-like patterns, often based on scientific data. Although Susan sometimes produces small-scale intimate work, her paintings are often fairly large-scale, with monochrome patterns generating gentle moods and more vibrant colour work producing strong optical effects.

What is unique about her work is the way in which she underpins each painting, drawing or print with strong ideas linking Art and Science, combining sensitive, intimate mark-making with elegant mathematical structures. All of her work is painstakingly carried out, resulting in an extremely high degree of ‘finish’, some work has taking as long as 4 months to complete.

Her artwork is very much located within contemporary 21st Century Art/Science concepts, often alluding to digital imagery and data, but with a firm foundation linked to colour-field paintings of the late 20th Century.

Current work explores language and ways of translating this into visually captivating work. Using a variety of systems, codes and phrases each piece is carefully mapped out in pencil. When the paint is added, the colour pattern is slowly revealed throughout the paintings creation.

Susan’s passionate and prolific work is of both a technical and conceptual high quality which allows for a psychological effect on both maker and viewer.

She has exhibited across the UK including: Mall Galleries London and her work commissioned/ purchased widely on both an institutional and private level.