John Lipsham

JOHN LIPSHAM – Born in Portsmouth, studied at Brighton University, achieving a BA Honours degree in fine art, on leaving he received further recognition and was awarded ‘ The Alan Davie prize for painting’.

Inspired by his experiences and creative visualization, John Lipsham portrays the scenes, life’s and colourful characters of the dockyard where he worked as a young apprentice.

His contemporary approach using both brush and palette knife explores the physicality and versatility of oil and acrylic paint. The density of pigment’s give a sense of light that radiates through the canvas, evoking the vigour and life of his subjects.

Through the veil of colour achieved by continuously accumulating and scraping back paint, the figure’s emerge, their experiences, character’s and soul powerfully embodied.

John Lipsham’s work has been exhibited across the United Kingdom.

Commissions available.