Julie Wigg

Emigrated from Australia as a small child and lives now betwixt the sea and the Norfolk Broads. She has Honour degree’s in Art, Fine Art, and Graphic design having studied at Buckingham, DeMonFort University and Norwich School of Art. 

Her paintings slowly evolve like a tapestry, overlapping woven surface layers of thin applications of oil paint, interlaced with impasto strokes, acrylic and other materials, binding together to emulate the delicate fabric of the natural world. They reflect the real and imagined, the ideal, experience and memory of being in an ever changing landscape with its constantly shifting dramas of light and movement.

Earlier work often lies hidden beneath the one seen, their presence uncovered by the sanding of the surface which reveal hidden trace elements. Surface contours are manipulated, scoring with the wrong end of the brush giving the surface paint energy, and a more 'inward' reaction to the mark making process, revealing the dynamic natural lines of the landscape.

When working on large surface areas the pieces are influenced by mid 19th century painters and process driven, the works build with the application of paint, often fast, yet deliberate, using a wide range of implements to apply medium, from linen and brushes, to hands. Wigg uses the fluid nature of paint and its willingness to describe to form the observed image. Colour, experimentation, spontaneity and the element of chance all play their part and are integral to the immediate response.

Exhibitions include: Brighton, London and Oxfordshire.

Commissions available.