Tara Winona

‘I seek to capture the spirit of nature, to give her a voice; to tell the story of my own journey through life - raw emotions, moments of insight - things that I can not always put into words.’ - Tara Winona

An artist and writer inspired by a long love affair with nature, Tara Winona’s art speaks through the eyes of animals and birds, inviting a connection. Her portraits of nature are expressions of emotions, stories of profound personal realisations.

Tara uses the simplicity of a reduced colour palette to evoke the spirit of her animals. Her painting process is a combination of fluidity and control, co-creating with ‘chance’ - the liquidity of watercolour means the paints swirl and flow with a life of their own. Paintings are created lying flat on the floor of Tara’s studio, a very physical process. 

Australian born Tara Winona has recently moved back to her home town of Sydney after spending several years in the U.K. living and working as an artist in London. She has also lived in Milan, Paris and London and has travelled the world extensively.

During her time in the U.K. she was most taken with the British wildlife and this has become the subject and inspiration of her most recent work. Having won, the much coveted, best new artist several times Tara's paintings are now held in collections across the world.

Exhibitions Include: UK, Netherlands and Australia.

Commissions available.