David Bartholomew

As a life long resident of Tunbridge Wells, David has had a fascination with experimenting in Photography from a very young age. At 10 years old he had his own darkroom where he used to create a variety of ‘interesting’ photos using the Cibachrome developing process.

David took photography at GCSE and A Level, then went on to the Medway College of Art where he studied for 3 years. Over the past few decades he has enjoyed a multitude of photography techniques and styles, embracing the introduction of digital photography back in the early 90’s.

David is a full time professional photographer who also uses his experience in his career for his creative side. To this end, David is currently working on a couple of projects, the first, a series of photographs highlighting the beauty in decay. The second is a series of images showing various objects of nature frozen in ice.

Commissions available