Kathryn Zamar

Kathryn Zamar is a British ceramic artist. Kathryn's work is inspired by landscape, seascape, shoreline and the feminine form. She endeavours to create tactile works, all pieces being unique and designed using strong, simple, flowing lines.

Kathryn specialises in the development of unique glazes and it is the intention that those works that are glazed evoke impressions of the natural world. Kathryn constantly explores the relationship between form and colour and creates glaze mixes in order to enhance texture and meaning. Glazes are applied using multiple layering techniques, these techniques being used in order to attain a sense of depth, fluidity and movement, life and tactility. In certain cases multiple firings are needed to obtain the desired final finish. The inspiration for Kathryn's glazes come from the natural world and involve the application of up to 9 layers of complimentary colour.

Ultimately the choice of finish is dependent upon design and it is chosen to compliment each piece of work to best effect. Some sculptural forms remain unglazed and the natural earthy beauty of the clay in these pieces is allowed to speak for itself. Striations between each coil can clearly be seen, enhancing the finish and meaning of such works.

Kathryn's work has been exhibited in London, the South and the West of England, including exhibitions at the Mall Gallery London, the London Boat Show 2017.

Exhibitions include:
Royal Society Of Marine Artists
International Confederation Of Art Critics

Notable achievements include:
Winner - 2017 London Biennale.

Commissions available.


"When it comes to ceramics, the line between artisanry and artistry is fine and often confused. Kathryn Zamar however manages to make it very clear to us. She takes the technical skills of a talented artisan and transforms them into the purest form of sculptural art and presents her beautifully lyrical creations to us.

Kathryn’s work is inspired by an overwhelming vision of nature filtered through her feminine sensitivity and spirituality. Her joyous imagination darts spontaneously across the ceramic surface and beyond, evoking a unique sense of openness and delicacy. 

Her glazed works are the result of her meticulous research into the correlation between colour and form. The technique involves a number of superimposed layers of glazing that create depth and movement in a fluid, flowing interplay of colours and lines. She builds up the images on the surface of her creations layer by layer, and the swirls of colour form shapes that create these fantastical, amorphous landscapes giving the impression of streams pouring through rocks, waves breaking on seashores or even underground lakes hidden in magical caves. 

Kathryn’s works are pervaded with the almost ethereal, sinuous lines of feminine sensuality. They attract, they envelop, they contain and enchant the senses completely. Her unglazed works, for example, have a tactile quality that emulate the delicate softness of the female form. In this way her works are a uniquely cross modal experience - delighting the sense of sight and touch simultaneously. 

Her work is inspired by Impressionism and its study of the relationship between light and colour and the landscapes and natural scenes of its subjects; in fact one of her works is called Giverny, a clear homage to Monet, although she is perhaps closer to avant-garde painter Marie Laurencin, with her lighthearted decorative tones, and abstract expressionists like Helen Frankenthaler, with the spontaneity of her colours. For Kathryn Zamar, glaze is her pigment and clay is her canvas - she paints in porcelain!

As Ralph Waldo Emerson said: “Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art”. A good artisan has a taste for beauty, Kathryn Zamar is a true artist that creates beauty to delight the senses with her extraordinary talent."

Karen Lappon
International Confederation of Art Critics