Born in South Africa, Susan qualified with distinction from Durban Art School. Now living in the UK she divides her time between the UK and Greece, the influence of which is paramount to her work.

Although appearing playful and light hearted, this bold and direct work is embedded with a serious, thought provoking message. large, painterly works exhibit experience and deep knowledge, symbols and mythology are used to carry a narrative. Her influences are topical, political and current.

Her technique, developed over many years, results in graphic paintings. Susan rolls, paints, dabs, wipes and splatters the surface, transferring layer upon layer of inks, manipulating the image and allowing chance to dictate. Often, she slices and collages her works to achieve the effective and unique results of which she has become synonymous, each is an original, 1/1 work of art.

Susan Moxley has mastered a variety of genres and media, which include award winning public commissions. Her work has been exhibited widely, featured on the covers of many publications and is held in an array of impressive public and private collections worldwide.


“The powerful paintings are works of versatile artist, Susan Moxley. Her bold graphic, unemotional, yet sensual prints deserve wide audience”     -  Helen Peacock, Oxford Times.


THALATTA (θάλαττα; the Homeric word for ‘sea’) & AEGEAN SERIES (Exhibition at Bailiol College Oxford) The Thalatta and Aegean Series is a continuation of Moxley’s previous Baghdad Series, which re-contextualised the ancient Persian Kalila Wa Dimna fables of greed and envy within a contemporary context of war, violence and hope. Thalatta and Aegean series forces us to look again at the idyllic picture of the peaceful calm Mediterranean Sea that peppers our travel brochures and idle imaginary. The calm blue strokes of Aegean still offer the dream of a different life, of hope and peace, but one imbued with a dark undercurrent of danger and fear for those who have recently crossed it.

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